Product Overview

Propel helps companies redline any component of a Salesforce CRM product catalog, route proposed changes for approval, intelligently roll out product changes, and capture a complete history of changes and approvals.

With Propel, Salesforce Sales Cloud or Steelbrick CPQ customers can reduce potential errors, improve compliance to standards, and streamline time to market.

Key Benefits

  • Reduce errors by using graphical redlines in Sales Cloud and Steelbrick to easily identify changes to Salesforce pricebooks and products
  • Ensure compliance and accountability to pricing and product change history by tracking and graphically comparing multiple versions of Salesforce price books and products
  • Accelerate time to market with advanced approvals and streamlined release of changes to pricing, products and CPQ information
  • Increase operational efficiency by easily creating and defining workflows for all types of pricing and product changes

Product Details



Pricebook and Product Changes

  • Make changes to Salesforce pricebooks and products by graphically redlining any field in Sales Cloud
  • Create multiple versions of Salesforce pricebooks or products and compare changes across versions
  • Automatically update Salesforce pricing and products after review and approval

CPQ (Configure Price Quote) Changes

  • Make changes to CPQ fields in Salesforce Quote-to-Cash (also known as Steelbrick CPQ)
  • Define, update and review new product SKUs in Salesforce Quote-to-Cash before deploying into production
  • Automatically update Salesforce Quote-to-Cash when CPQ changes have been approved



Workflow and Approval History

  • Track detailed approval history, including reviewers, comments, and time-date stamps
  • Approve changes through web, email or mobile app
  • Configure workflows to manage any type of change to pricing, product fields or CPQ fields

More from Propel

Change management for Salesforce pricebooks, products and CPQ attributes is one of the core capabilities of Propel's cloud PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) suite. The Propel cloud PLM suite allows customers to engage in every step of the product lifecycle, including collaborating on BOMs and designs, routing ECOs (Engineering Change Orders), sharing project tasks, and resolving quality issues in the field. For more on Propel, visit